At Global Berry we are specialised in the distribution of raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and red currant. Our passion for the berries makes us specialists in selecting the best quality fruit for you, choosing those varieties that, by taste and appearance, are the favourite for the consumers.

We have been whole-heartedly dedicated to these crops for over 30 years now, building strong alliances with high specialized growers of these products. In this way, only the most experienced and passionate ones have been selected to be part of the Global Berry family.

A long experience and expertise in the berry cultivation are the key factors that allow us to be recognised as specialists in offering raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and red currants during all year. In national season, we also offer products such as strawberries and cherries.

In Global Berry we are familiar with the product, the farmers and the markets. Thus, we achieve to offer you those varieties that best suit your needs. We provide tailor-made packaging solutions upon client request.  

We own the proper berries varieties that suits your needs

What will you taste when you open up a container of our berries? The love they're grown with. The ambition they're harvested with. The care they're packaged with. And the full trust we have in our growers.

Our products

Our values

Expertise, passion and dedication. In partnership with our farmers, we have formed a family that works together towards a single goal: excellence in service. We give thanks to the Earth that gives us the best quality berries, serving them directly without intermediaries.

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